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Summertime Heat

Heat will kill your dog.  If it’s been hot,  please use common sense and good judgment when you take your dog out in the heat. Greyhounds, because of their lack of fat and hair, don’t have the insulation other dogs have to the heat. They need to be in a controlled temperature environment of 68 – 72 degrees. The following are some guidelines.

Water, water, water.

Water – Always have water in the car, and with you on walks.
Ice – Take a thermos full of ice with you
Squirt Bottle – Bring a squirt bottle filled with cold, ice water everywhere you go. Squirt your greyhound often.  Squirt your greyhound often. Squirt your greyhound often. Wet his coat, his ears, his legs and belly.

Cool Coats – Using a terry cloth towel, wet it and drape it over your greyhound. You can also use a dog coat pattern and make one for your greyhound. But you must not let this coat get hot, or it traps in the heat, vs cooling the dog down. So it must be dipped in cool water frequently.

Pools – greyhounds love to sit in wading pools. They think they are the epitome of cool splayed out in these kiddie pools, staying cool!


Walks – the best time is early morning.  Street pavements are cooler and so is the air temperature.  Do NOT walk your greyhound during the day, or even early evenings.  Pavements are very hot, and it’s been a full day of heat.

Keep your greyhound indoors with air conditioning at all times.
No traveling without air conditioning – ever!

Monitor your greyhound’s play at all times during hot weather.  They may not know when enough is enough.  Put the sprinkler system on when they are playing, this will help to keep them cool.

If they appear hot, hose them down, or apply wet towels around the belly and between the legs.

Be safe, not sorry.

Heat Exhaustion Signs

Excessive panting; Skin on inside of ears becomes flushed and red; Weakness
Walk becomes wobbly; Fainting.

Quick action can save your dog’s life, if you’ve allowed him to reach any of these signs. Get cool water on him – all over him –  anyway you can. I take cotton towels, and wet them down, and keep putting them all over the dog.  Keep the clothes cool. Do not let them get hot and stay on the body.

Fact – on an 85-degree day, with windows open, your car can reach 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 30 minutes.

If you take your greyhound, then also take an extra set of keys, so you can keep the air conditioner on.  Never leave your greyhound in a car in this heat.