Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

Serving; Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

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Female Greyhounds

Adopted WP's Jaguar If you are looking for a small female, I'm your girl. I don't take up much room anywhere until it's time for bed - then I snuggle up real close which can result in me being a bed hog. Going for rides and walks in the park are my favorite activities right now - I'm sure once I have won your heart and taken over your home that will change.
Adopted Donna Summer My name may be the same as the "Queen of Disco" but I'm just "Queen of the Kennel." I have trained all the other dogs here that I am the queen and they need to stay outta my way and regale my beauty. They are loyal subjects and allow me to eat and drink first, and be the first out the door for turn-out. Now I just need to be the first to find a home.

Male Greyhounds

Adopted Walk Withme Stan Hi, I'm Stan and my name says it all - I'm looking for a human family to Walk with Me all the way home! I have heard that I might have difficulty finding a home because I'm a black dog so I'll tell you a little more about myself. I’m not overly exuberant like some others but I do like to show my affection by wagging my tail and smiling with my eyes.
Adopted Grinding Garr Aren't I the most handsome Greyhound you have ever seen?? Look at my ears - how adorable are they?! I can hear a pin drop with these ears! I may have a goofy name but my personality more than makes up for it. They call me Garr but I think anything else would be better. I want to be outta here before the weekend is over so I can get a new name with my new family.
Adopted PJ Father Dave Check out my ears, aren't they adorable. I can make them move and turn in all different directions. I'm the cutest Father out there. I even have an adorable beauty mark just above my right eye. I think it makes me look cool! I'm one of the laid back guys at the kennel but don't be fooled, I still love a good romp in the yard and some pouncing on stuffies.
Adopted CP's King Henrik My name is King Henrik and I'm the coolest Greyhound in the kennel. I go by my name and title, catchy huh?! Seriously though, I'm a curious guy with a fun loving attitude and a heart of gold. I have never met a stranger and enjoy nothing more than a walk followed by a long snuggle while watching Animal Planet. I just love seeing all those interesting creatures - live and on tv.
Adopted Varoom